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Faith and the Art of Actor Training

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Faith and the Art of Actor Training: Workshop/Classes

Playing Action / Eliminating Interference @ The Movement Lab 1384 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd Atlanta, Ga. 30310 Tues Aug 6th and 13th 7:30 - 9:30

Hayes Talent Agency Chicago, Il. 773-565-4422

Acting Class

“David’s class helped me to breathe into “what is” instead of making something “not real”, true.” @spaceace9

“I have been a professional actress for 30 years and I have taught in Academia since 1996. I am thrilled to recommend David with great enthusiam …” @therealalexandrabillings

Playing Action.  Sharpening Awareness. Active // Event Analysis

Performance is Potential minus Interference: Interference - Potential = Performance

During class we examine performance habits, label and become aware of interference. We articulate what happens in the body and mind when interference manifests and then we explore the many methods to eliminate it through techniques developed through Stanislavsky’s System of acting training, so we can begin bring our full potential to the stage and use active analysis to do our work. for details